Greece Retrospective, 10Apr2014

So I wrote a really long, thoughtful, detailed post about Crete.  it took me about an hour.  It vanished just as I tried to post it.  I’M SO MAD.  I will try to recreate it later, but for now…

Friends are great, I made some good ones, snakes are awesome, I can levitate sometimes, and in a few hours I will be on a ferry on my way to Venice, where the “visiting friends and family” portion of my trip will really get underway.

(A/N:  I really did write a long post about all of the wonderful people I met in Crete, and it really did vanish as i tried to post it.  I took this as a sign that Crete was a special experience just for me.  I highly recommend visiting, and especially going to Rethymno and Chania, which are both beautiful towns.)


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