Greece Retrospective, 1Apr2014

Crete Part 2: Went to a surprise classical concert in Heraklion with Marie! What a lovely experience. There was a string quartet playing, and they did a few songs with a middle school orchestra backing them up. Just strings, no other instruments. It was quite amazing. Then just when we thought they were about done, a brass band showed up in bright red marching uniform like they meant business, played one song, and left again. It was awesome.

The next day we went to the Archaeological museum, which was incredible. It’s hard to really appreciate how old some of the things in there were. Minoan civilization is one of the oldest in the world, and some of the art and workmanship on statues and gravestones was really incredible. It took us two hours just to get through the museum, which was pretty much just two large rooms. I think I read every single informational plaque.

We then headed off to Rethymno, and met Marie’s friend at the bus station. We all went off to a little mountain village, where there was a new moon meditation/birthday party being held that night. We crammed six people into a small car, and headed up the mountain. When we got to the beautiful little house, we found people speaking four languages, German, Greek, English, and French. English seemed to generally be the common language, but side conversations slipped into other languages pretty much without warning.

After tea and some conversation we moved to the yurt (there was a yurt) and did about an hour and a half or two hours of meditation on inner love and our higher selves. I haven’t done a sustained meditation like that in quite some time, but it was very refreshing. We talked a little as a group afterwards, and it felt like such a beautiful community of people. It reminded me vaguely of some parties I went to with my parents as a little kid, where I barely remember what happened, but I do remember a sense of well-being and a warm, supportive community of deeply spiritual people.

After meditation there was a DELICIOUS dinner. I hope someday to make a lentil soup as good as the one we had there. Wow. Also, one man told me that it was obvious that I had meditated before, and that I had a very still kind of energy. I can honestly say that no one has ever told me that my energy was “still and calm” before… but I’ll take it! Maybe because now that I’m moving in physical space my restlessness has died down a little? I have noticed that happening a bit. Maybe he picked up on that.

Today I’m going to a little nature park to meet some of the people who were there last night. Apparently there are giant pythons. YES!


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