Israel Retrospective, 10Jan2014

P1000834Israel update! I have made it to Jerusalem, to the most picturesque and charming hostel I have ever seen. The walls are made of Jerusalem stone, and it is right next to the Dome of the Rock. When I say “right next to” I mean that the entrance is three feet from my door, and that is not an exaggeration. There are two checkpoints just to get here, and then I have to tell the soldiers guarding the entrance to the Mosque that I will actually be turning left and going into the hostel, not forward. I am also only a few minutes’ walk from the Western Wall. I went there tonight and got a bit lost coming back, but on the plus side I found the Via Dolorosa by accident. The Old City is fairly small, so everything is pleasantly close together. I’m in the Muslim quarter, but I’m just a stone’s throw from the Jewish Quarter, and I walked through both the Christian and Armenian Quarters earlier today, when I was coming here. I’m starting to get a sense of the layout, but I don’t mind getting a little lost now and then.

Shabbat Shalom from the Holy Land!


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