Israel Retrospective, 16Feb2014

My most recent big news is that EMMA came to visit!  She’s sitting next to me right this instant.  We’re going to ride camels together later today.  She’s headed on to Jerusalem next, and then a five month tour of Europe, Wwoofing in Spain and dancing in Germany.  I’m a little jealous, but at the same time, what do I have to be jealous of?  Nothing.  It’s been so wonderful to have her here for a long weekend.  We’ve been reading and talking, and we walked around in the desert a bit.  Fun fun fun!  I’ll try to update the blog again soon, with some more pictures.  I wish I had more consistent internet!
We spent Valentine’s Day (which was Shabbat and also a full moon) at a house in Arad, the neighbouring town, drumming, playing music, and meeting some of the local hippies.  It was really fun, and remarkably similar to various low-key music parties I’ve been to in the States…  We met some really nice people (Adi, who makes beautiful jewelry, and Becky, who has traveled all over the world with her husband Lior) as well as singing along to some English songs, and listening to more Hebrew ones.  Becky and one of the other people there, Jamie, are both from England, so people were speaking equally in English and Hebrew, which was nice for me and Emma.  Adi in particular seemed really nice, and I think I will try to stay in touch with her.  She was excited to be able to speak English with us.
Some things that Emma and I talked about were: the difficulty of traveling alone, the benefits of traveling alone, being intimidated by new situations and how to deal with that, how to maintain relationships back home while traveling, and finding kindred spirits in new countries.  It felt good to talk to someone about all of this.  Traveling alone has made me introspective, but I always think better when I have someone to bounce ideas off of.  I had begun to feel that I would explode with all the revelations and ideas building up inside of me.  Thank goodness for Emma!
Happy Belated Valentine’s Day!

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