Israel Retrospective, 17Feb2014

Favourite part of my job: meeting people from all over the world and discovering that we have strange connections… I sang around a fire with a musician from Brooklyn, and discovered that she is engaged to a man from Acton – whose father is leading a group that will be at the village tomorrow. It’s a small world!

Also, she is a beautiful singer and I am going to do some serious internet stalking to find her stuff online. 

I would like to report that I have not lost my mad skillz at Hearts! Honed to perfection by adolescent obsession, I used them tonight to trounce three new friends from New York. All those hours of practicing until I could beat the computer every time paid off. Plus the year or so Iris and Nathan and I spent getting so good we had to shoot the moon every time just to keep it interesting.

Speaking of the moon, it was low and squashed on the horizon tonight, and a bloody orange colour above the camel pen. Laura, one of the women from New York, said it looked like a persimmon.

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