Israel Retrospective, 20Feb2014

Wow wow wow I never want to be the only person working EVER AGAIN. Today was just me and Nissim working, and he has like, four other jobs, so I ended up covering some of his groups at random moments… I literally did not have time to sit down from eleven in the morning until nine at night. One brief fifteen-minute break for a light lunch, and then dinner at eight-thirty, and then MORE work after that.

I’m amazed at how well it went, considering how cramped the scheduling was and how irritable Nissim and I both got when we started to get tired and hungry. Somehow, everything happened roughly on time, nobody got lost, and I don’t think I forgot anything important. Most of the credit for this has to go to Cute Crew. If there’s one thing it taught me, it’s how to work ridiculously long hours and keep complicated schedules straight in my head. Here, I deal with more people, more groups, and more languages, but the work is quite similar most of the time.

A random French couple wandered into the village today, and I answered their questions. I get over-excited whenever I can speak French to someone here, because I feel so validated in my semi-bilingualism. Everyone here is bilingual at least, and so am I, pretty much, but I never get to show it off, so I always feel a bit inadequate. Whenever someone speaks to me in French I feel like I am proving my worth in a weird way. I am a citizen of the world too! I care about languages and cultures other than my own too! It’s just not as apparent here, because I barely speak Hebrew. At least I can pretty much read now. That has been hugely helpful.

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