Israel Retrospective, 21Jan2014

Quick update, because I have a rare moment of internet… I’m having a great time here in the desert, have yet to steal a camel, have NOT become the 4th wife of any Bedouin (quit your speculating people, get your minds out of the gutter. I’m here to WORK!) and have officially now been woken up by the stupidest sounding animal in the world – the donkey. Seriously, donkeys sound SO WEIRD. And they’re loud. And their pen is right behind my room. Yo. Donkeys.

I am the only woman in the village (not quite true, there are maybe two others, but I haven’t met them yet), and so far everyone has been really nice! I made friends with Amit, the guy who runs the workshop, Yaniv, the big boss, and Meidan, who is in charge of hospitality and sort of my supervisor. They all speak good English. Most of the administrative positions in the village are filled by Israelis, and they all speak English. The Bedouin speak Arabic and Hebrew, so I get along by smiling and nodding and using my ktsat ivrit (a little Hebrew), and we do just fine.

Last night I did two hours of yoga (I am out of practice, ouch, that was embarrassing) and then two hours in and out of the dry sauna… Yes, you’re jealous, I know. I’m jealous of myself. Everything is in Celsius here, but the sauna was unbelievably hot no matter how you measure it. 100 degrees C when I got there, and it had been at 120. Crazy!

Lehitra’ot! (That means goodbye. I’m learning!)

Look at the smirk on that camel.  Camel don’t care.

Me in my Super form as the Ultimate Tourist.  Check out my sweet hat and donkey-riding skills.  No stirrups or reins, so I stayed on by the strength of my thighs, which could crack a man’s skull in a pinch.  Also, my donkey was quite placid and I used to ride horses a lot, so that probably helped.


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