Israel Retrospective, 23Mar2014

In twelve hours I will be on a plane on my way to Greece, for the next leg of my adventure! I should probably learn a few words of Greek. I feel like I’m collecting alphabets… So far I’ve got Arabic, Hebrew, and Latin script (also Gnommish, but that’s only useful if I encounter Artemis Fowl or Holly Short, so I think I can safely leave it out of this list. I’m not going to Ireland, after all.) I should be able to pick up Greek in an hour or two. I rather like learning new alphabets, it feels like learning a secret code.

I will have time for this tonight, since I’m going to be stuck in Ben Gurion Airport for AGES. My flight leaves really early, so there’s no point in staying in a hostel. I’m going straight to the airport and just hanging out there until I get on the plane. With any luck I’ll learn some Greek, get some writing done, nap at least a little (although I napped today in preparation), and figure out what I’m doing in Greece. I have a vague itinerary, but no actual plans. Islands! Minotaurs! Gods! Avoiding being ravished by Zeus! (Because let’s face it, that NEVER turns out well.) Reenacting Mamma Mia in a brilliant, one-woman show! Guys, it’s going to be awesome. Maybe I’ll find the ghost of Lord Byron and he’ll give me some tips on revolution and writing.

Shalom Israel!

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