Israel Retrospective, 31Jan2014

Have you ever been to see an improv show in a language you don’t know? It’s… surprisingly fun actually. Tonight after work I went to Arad with Meidan, Arbel, Meidan’s friend who was visiting, and a musician named Dekel. (Keep in mind that all names are approximate, as they are actually spelled in an entirely different language and alphabet.) There was a group of guys from Tel Aviv performing at a winery in the Artist’s Quarter of Arad. Arbel initially invited me, because she is super-nice and has taken me under her wing a bit. I think she noticed that I get left out of a lot of conversations (unintentionally) because I don’t speak Hebrew, so she has been making an effort to include me, translate, and let me in on the jokes and things.

We all went out to the improv show, and it was a completely fascinating experience. I could understand a few words here and there, but they were good enough actors that I could sort of tell what was going on even without the words. I had a lot of fun! It was great to get out of the village with people roughly my own age and do something fun. Kfar Hanokdim seems to attract the sort of people I get along with. Lots of interesting fringe types – musicians, travelers, etc. Arbel did circus school for a year, and we discovered that both of us love fire. She walks on stilts too. Dekel is a musician who is completely in love with what he does. If he’s not singing it is because, in his own words, “sometimes I sleep.” Meidan lived in Africa for a while because he went and decided to stay. I like these people. Tonight reminded me very much of something I might do in the states with various of you, dear readers.

I’ve definitely started finding my feet here – two weeks in, right on schedule. It’s still hard not speaking Hebrew, but I’ve got the numbers down at this point, and enough of the base words that I can generally understand what’s going on when we have our daily two o’clock meeting to talk out the day’s schedule. I talked to Dani one of the main bosses here, and he said he might be able to find a Hebrew teacher for me for a bit. I think that would really help. Teaching myself is fun and I am definitely learning, but it’s really slow and very unorganized. I’m basically learning random words and phrases by asking about the things I hear. It does work, but it’s very piecemeal.

Shabbat Shalom kids! (I said this to a guest today, and Meidan said, “That’s good, but you have to say it louder. SHABBAT SHALOM! Good Shabbos bitches!” Then he started trying to speak English with an American accent, which was one of the funnier things I’ve ever heard… He speaks excellent English, but with the fake accent it is HILARIOUS.)


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