Israel Retrospective, 5Feb2014

Today was a playful day for me here in the village. I started the day by using my mad knot-tying skills (read: I sailed on a boat once and was the absolute worst knot-tyer we had… but in the desert that translates to “competent”) to ties twenty-five lengths of the worst plastic rope ever to an A-frame made of metal. I was working in the shop again, and we’re making group bonding tools. This one is for one person to balance in the A-frame, and twenty-five people to try to help them stay upright by pulling on the ropes in a coordinated fashion. I expect it will be hilarious when someone actually tries it.

Naturally, once I finished doing that a man came into the workshop holding a peacock, and started taking selfies with the peacock in various locations around the shop. Around the time they started pretending to behead it with a giant machete I decided to call it a day. (Side note: the peacock lives on, and shall continue its peacocky life in relative peace. Also, peacock faces look totally awesome close up, and they don’t like it when you pet them.)

As of tonight I have been clubbing in a tent in the desert! What do you call clubbing when it’s in a tent? Tenting just sounds either a little dirty or like camping… We had two separate dance parties going on tonight, and it was super fun! The DJ for one of them was a new friend of mine, so I went there and danced up a storm with him and a bunch of Israeli soldiers. Dear dancer friends: two of the girls were approximating WCS, although I don’t think it was on purpose. They knew a couple of basic moves, and were figuring out the footwork as they went along. 

I’ve been downloading the audio to lots of TED Talks recently, so that I can listen to them when my internet is not working, which is frequently. If you have favourite TED Talks, give me a link and I’ll download them! 

Much love from the Holy Land!


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