Israel Retrospective, 9Feb2014

Friday’s post, which I forgot to actually post…

Today I had a lovely Shabbat Dinner with one of the families that lives here. It was so much fun! They invited me out of the blue, and we had a delicious dinner, and then hung out afterwards. I made friends with their three daughters, and we watched Frozen together. 

Side note: I don’t usually like Disney much, but I really liked Frozen! Much better than the usual fare.

I finally left at eleven, and on the way back disturbed two large animals which waddled off into the darkness. I couldn’t see properly in the dark, but I think they were porcupines? Are there porcupines here? They looked vaguely spiky and roly-poly.

Tomorrow I get Shabbat morning pancakes with the same family. I really do like it here. I’ve never met with so much kindness from strangers before. I think part of it is that people are nice to travelers, but there is also a culture of hospitality here that is really wonderful. I want to bring it back with me when I return. Also the tea, which is delicious.

Today’s post:

Life here in the desert continues to be thrilling, as I sneakily sit on my neighbour/boss’s porch to steal his internet so I can download a video file converter so I can apply to a job so I can be gainfully employed when I get back… Also, today I interviewed a camel.

It is a gorgeous day, plus, it’s my day off, so I’ve been frolicking about in the sun getting a little crispy and very windblown. I did actually interview a camel, (I also chased a peacock) but it was for legitimate purposes! I’m applying to a job that I very much want to get, and they require a 60 second video as part of the application. Thus the internet-stealing behaviours, since all I have to film with is my camera, which saves videos in unhelpful file formats.

I also found out today that I have a new baby cousin!!! MASSIVE EXCITEMENT! Babies! Cousins! More small people whose reading preferences I can influence when they get old enough! This is wonderful! Congratulations to Elana and Adam on the birth of their new baby girl. Much love!

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