Mytilene, Lesbos, Day 1

For my fourth time on a Greek ferry I had friends!  Tuesday in Athens was unseasonably warm, so warm that I shed all my carefully packed layers and had to dangle them from the straps of my giant pack.  They trailed from the vicinity of my hips and looked rather like purple and pink seaweed on the bulkiest land-mermaid ever.  That simile got away from me a bit.

Anyway, I arose, had breakfast, and went to Piraeus to buy my train ticket around three in the afternoon.  That’s 15:00 in the twenty-four hour clock I use when I’m traveling.  I bought my ferry ticket and discovered that it was delayed two hours, so instead of a five hour wait it was a full seven hours until I would depart.  I grabbed lunch from a little bakery and went wandering.

One of my favourite things about Greece is the food.  Being a vegetarian is no trouble as long as I’m vigilant, because they have some of the most delicious vegetable dishes in the world.  Mediterranean food is mouthwatering, and I gorge myself every time I’m here.  My quick street meal of choice in Greece is a personal-sized spanikopita, which you can find in every streetside bakery.

Munching happily, I went and wrote in my paper journal in a little park, then nursed a coffee for a while and did some peoplewatching, and then wandered back to the ferry office.  I befriended two stray cats and snuck some wifi from the corner cafe.  After an hour or two one of the two girls I’d been communicating with, Anna, showed up and we went to grab a beer and some snacks for the road while we got to know each other and waited for Amy.

Anna has been traveling for about a year now.  She’s from New Zealand, and if you’d like to read more about her travels, some of which will coincide with mine, you can find her blog HERE.  Amy arrived with the news that the bus was departing for our ferry, so we hauled our stuff down the street, and ten minutes later we were on board!

I think I slept for two hours or so, but I’m still very jetlagged, and ferry seats, though comfortable, do not make ideal beds.  Amy managed to sleep for most of the trip, but Anna and I stayed up chatting while the night sea streamed away behind us.  The sun rose just as we got to Lesbos, and the clay roofs and white walls of the little city of Mytilene popped out against the dark green of the hills and the azure of the Mediterranean.

We’ve made it to our little apartment now, had a nap and some tea (Amy’s a Brit and tea is a necessity), and looked around the town just a bit.  There’s a little deck, two orange trees and a lemon tree, and at least three cats in the courtyard.  It’s raining at the moment, but we’re planning to find someplace to eat and get oriented in the town.  I need a Greek SIM card, and we all want to find the buses.

Once I have a 3g connection I’ll be Instagramming more, so if anyone would like to see on-the-spot pictures you can find me @soniagracelm.  I will also start posting pictures here.

Kalispera friends!  Tomorrow I’m headed to Pikpa to start volunteering.


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