Mytilene, Lesvos, Day…16?

I’m losing track of time.  Dear readers, you may have noticed that my last post ended rather abruptly.  This is because I fell asleep in the middle of writing, woke up just long enough to press the “Publish” button, and then fell asleep again, quite literally with my computer open on my lap.  I think tonight is going to be another night like that, so bear with me.

I went to Pikpa this morning with high expectations, because yesterday we had a meeting with just long-term volunteers about reorganizing the way things are done.  We’re moving towards having only long-term (that means a month or more) volunteers, and fewer short-termers.  Those of us who have been here for a while and are interested in staying will serve as coordinators for various tasks so that no one person oversees everything.  Alas, my proposal to institute actual shifts was shot down by those who prefer a looser approach.  Maybe someday I’ll get to make a schedule.  A girl can dream.

I wound up in charge of coordinating food packing and kitchen stuff, which mostly means I get to work out a rotation between four or five people who will switch off doing food prep, food packing, cleaning, and working at a different camp entirely.  It’ll be a nice way to give our current kitchen crew a break.  Cooking for Moria involves a LOT of work, and when you do food prep all morning, then pack and clean at night it can get exhausting.


We packed almost 1,000 meals for Moria today

After finishing up at Pikpa I opted to go home early, since I wanted to really move in to my new place.  I moved my stuff in a couple of days ago and have now slept here for two nights, but so far that means I’ve been living out of my suitcase and sleeping on a little day bed in the living room.  It was perfectly comfortable, but not in an “I’m living here now” kind of way.  Today I came home and moved into Jane and Basak’s room.  I’m on the top bunk, and I have a little armoire all to myself, so I unpacked everything.  I feel like I live in a real house now!  It’s great to be able to see all of my clothes and toiletries laid out.  I also located a sock I thought I’d lost, so that’s nice.

We had a delicious, home-cooked dinner made by Ralph, who is a fabulous cook.  It was a kind of veggie and potato casserole with spices and feta cheese on the top, and I ate a ridiculous amount.  Yum yum!  After dinner we went to sit on the balcony, eat chocolate, listen to music, and drink wine.


On the balcony

Time to go to bed in my nice new bunk now!  Kalinichta!


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