31Jan2016, Pikpa, Daytime

I can’t remember how many days I’ve been here.  I could check but I’m a bit lazy.  I spent the 31st of January at Pikpa tearing down a chicken coop and making orange juice for the residents!  We had a lot of people in the camp, because there was another ferry strike and nobody could leave.  Constantine, who is from Boston and also goes by Dino, brought his juicer so that we could convert some of the approximately thirty billion oranges stored behind the kitchen into juice.  We put carrots in as well to make it twice as healthy and smooth.


One of our residents was very good at getting the whole skin off

Tearing down the chicken coop was a great deal of fun.  We got to use all sorts of tools, including but not limited to: a mallet, a handaxe, a crowbar, and wire cutters.  There was also a fair amount of jumping on stubborn sheets of metal, ripping cloth like the Hulk, and roars of manly power from everyone regardless of gender.

As usual we also cooked and packed for Moria, which was quite an affair because they were also full of people waiting for the ferry service to start up again.  In case you were wondering what almost one thousand meals looks like, here you go.


We actually ran out of boxes, and only barely fit it all in the van

After going home, the girls and I sat around on the balcony in what is swiftly becoming a tradition.  Around eleven-thirty I got a WhatsApp from Sim asking if I was going to Moria for the night shift.  I had originally planned on doing this, but then I learned that I had to get my tests for my kitchen papers done early the next morning before the night shift ended, so I assumed I would not be able to go.  Sim told me there was a bus that left the camp at six or seven, so I could just leave early and do both.  In a moment of mild insanity I decided to do it.  I’ve been wanting to do a night shift since I got here, but things always conspired to keep me home.  Either it was a broken down car, a sudden Pikpa emergency, or simply oversleeping.  This time, I thought, I would make it happen.

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