1-2Feb2016, Daytime

Did I sleep after going to Moria all night?  Silly readers, why would you even ask?  Of course I didn’t sleep.  First I went and got some tests done so I could get the papers to work in a Greek kitchen.  I’ll be delicate.  I pooped in a cup.  I also got a chest x-ray, because apparently Greece does x-rays for everything, and they wanted to test for tuberculosis.  Good news!  I don’t have it.  I do have a lot of ribs though.  I greatly enjoyed looking at the x-ray.  Does science ever just blow your mind with how awesome it is?  I could look at this little sheet of plastic and see my bones.  How cool is that?

After stripping to the waist and pooping in the cup I made my way back to Pikpa, where I made tea and coffee for everyone.  Morning meeting had a lot of volunteers, so I felt okay about lying around a bit.  I did a few minor tasks, but mostly just hung out in the sun.  At one point I took a nap on a couch.

When I woke up there was a clown in front of me!  A whole little troop of clowns set up a tiny stage and proceeded to entertain the children (and me) with magic tricks, slackline, and juggling.  I stayed for the show and then went home a bit early, where I proceeded to not go to bed until eleven.  I slept like a rock, then woke up and went back to Pikpa.

Shelf building time!  Anna and I got right down to the nuts and bolts of it and built a set of shelves for her and Sim.  Their room is crowded and they may have to put a third bed in at some point, so we built shelves, bolted them to the wall, and called it a day.  I went outside and… they were back!  This time the clown had brought a high bike and stilts, and I caught him after the show teaching a Greek volunteer how to walk on stilts.  Obviously I stayed to chat for a bit.  Turns out Fred is originally from Alaska, but has been living in Greece for ten years doing circus things.  He sails around on a little ship called the Utopia, which I’ve seen in the harbour, and does shows for refugee kids for free.  It’s the first time in a while that he’s worked for free, he said, but he wanted to do something.

I mentioned that I had been on stilts before, and used to be in a circus.  He lit up and said, “Oh, then I’m putting you on the big stilts, since you’ve done it before.”

“Not for a long time!” I laughed, but who am I to refuse stilts?  Obviously I got up on them.


You never really forget how to do it

Eventually he did have to go, so I climbed down, helped him pack everything onto his high bike, and waved him off.  He invited me to come visit the Utopia and maybe do some circus stuff together around Mytilene, so on my next day off I will drop by the boat in my brightest clothes and see if he’s around.

The evening ended with delicious hot chocolate and Amaretto courtesy of Michael and Ella, and the dramatic capture of a small rat, also by Michael and Ella with SnapChat documentation by yours truly.  What a day!  I went home and collapsed into bed.

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