Sick Days

Sick days abroad are never fun.  After coming home from Moria I basically collapsed.  I’ve been holding off a sore throat for a few days, but a night without sleep did me in.  I went back to bed and didn’t leave the flat for two days.

In that time I wrote a blog post and a page about donating, read a book, and hung out with Jane, Basak, and Henni.  I also slept a lot, and made myself pots and pots of lemon, ginger, and honey tea.  We had a nice breakfast party with most of the Moria night shift team on the second day, because Jane and Basak did night shifts frequently, and wanted to have a little farewell party before they left.  I managed to stay awake long enough to eat, then fell asleep in my chair, then woke up to help do the dishes.  It was a lovely party, and I immediately went back to sleep on the couch once everyone left.


Jane, Mallory, Basak, Adelina, and Lewis after breakfast

Jane and Basak left this morning at about five, and last night we went out to dinner and drinks in Mytilene.  It was freezing cold and raining, but we walked into the center and into the warm interior of our favourite local restaurant, Diavolo’s.  There are No Smoking signs all over the place, but as soon as someone pulls out a cigarette the owner brings over an ashtray.  I’ve resigned myself to smelling like cigarettes every time I go out at this point.  Everyone smokes all the time.  It’s unavoidable.

I managed to stay out all the way through dinner, which was delicious.  We were going to go to a bar afterwards (they were, I was going to go home) but then Ella and Michael appeared and invited us to a little accordion concert happening at the cafe next door.  The musician was none other than our very own Makis!  He’s our local, laid-back, Greek cook, who smokes a pipe and is, apparently, a multitalented guy.  Henrike and I headed over to the cafe and managed to enjoy about an hour of his wonderful music before I started literally falling asleep at the table.  I bowed out and walked back around midnight.


Blurry, phone-in-low-light photo of the man himself

Apparently I missed a wild night!  I woke up to kiss Jane and Basak goodbye, then slept in for a few more hours.  We went in to Pikpa today, where I peeled onions and moved a few boxes.  It was a slow day, which was a good thing, because everyone seemed to be feeling a little delicate.  I’m feeling much better, though still a little sniffly, a little sore throat-y, and a little cough-y.  Perhaps I have consumption.

Tomorrow I’m doing inventory of everything at Pikpa, and then another night shift at Moria.  They’re losing a whole bunch of long-termers and will need a lot of help over there.  I hope I can help fill in the gaps a bit, even if I’m only there a couple of nights a week.


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