Lazy Days, Busy Nights

I’ve lost track of what day it is again.  I’ve shifted my attentions farther toward Moria and the night shift recently, which makes it difficult to remember.  It’s still slow here, but last night there were a couple of boats, and we’re assuming that means we’ll be getting a steady stream of refugees from here on out, at least until something else happens to temporarily block the flow.

In the past few days I’ve done a few touristy things, like visit the local Cathedral, and walk around the town more.  I tried a couple of new cafes and discovered the most delicious Greek yogurt dessert thing known to humanity.  I don’t have a picture.  It was too beautiful to be captured.  It’s also been very windy, so my hat got blown off a lot.

There is a lot of amazing street art in Mytilene, which I use as landmarks and also take pictures of sporadically.  This little flying saucer is one of my favourites.  It’s a small city, but anytime there’s a stretch of blank concrete wall you can bet there will be art on it.  Some is obviously graffiti, but much of it looks deliberate, just there to decorate and make things look more interesting.  I love it all.

I went back to the No Borders Kitchen and was struck again at the openness and easygoing nature of the place.  They’ve made some amazing additions since I was last there.  There’s an information tent, more durable kitchen area, and they’re building changing rooms.  There is also, inexplicably, a trampoline.

I talked to the boy on the far left (he said his nickname was Shawn) about his hopes for coming to Europe.  He said he loves Italy and would like to live there.  We agreed that the food was delicious, and we both like the warmth.  All three were charming.  They offered me chocolate and wanted to take pictures.  I had to take a few because Shawn didn’t like how he looked in the first one (I thought it was cute, he had a big grin and one eye closed).

I also went up to Molyvos with my motley collection of German roommates, and we checked out the Hope Center, an abandoned hotel that volunteers are currently restoring to house refugees.  It’s on the North coast of Lesvos, so I got to see some of the interior of the island on the drive up.  Lots of big sky and olive groves.  Turkey is very close up North, we heard stories of four champion Syrian swimmers who actually swam across, and were fine.  There is also a small mountain of abandoned lifejackets.  It was a sobering sight.  The pile dwarfed the broken hulls of a few fishing boats dumped in the same landfill, and every single one of them arrived wrapped around a person.  It’s not even the only place to find piles of lifejackets on the island, they’re everywhere.


The boats have started coming again.  I’m about to do my second night shift in a row, so I need to have a quick nap, but tomorrow I’ll try to write a more current post about what I’ve been up to at Moria.


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