Two Months Today

It’s hard to believe I’ve only got a month left on this beautiful island. I’ve learned so much here, and had my eyes opened in so many ways. I am not the same person I was when I arrived. For one thing I feel that I have a much clearer, kinder, and more honest view of myself and the world. For another, I am now completely nocturnal and look FAR more fabulous than I ever have before.


Night Shift never looked so good

I almost forgot that today was two months, but the stamp on my passport says January 11, so I guess it’s true.  Technically I arrived in Lesvos on the 13, on the same ferry the refugees use to go to Athens.

Also, in case you were wondering… the thing behind me?  That’s a pair of pants someone donated.  It’s the second pair that size – presumably from the same person, since I can’t imagine two people of that size are donating regularly to Lesvos.  The scarf, pajamas, and fuzzy legwarmers are also from distribution.  We play dress-up with all the weird stuff we find every night.  Well, I say we.  Yesterday my friend Hillary looked at me and said, “Sonia, you make all these guys feel better about the stuff they get from distribution.”  I took it as a compliment.


3 thoughts on “Two Months Today

  1. Oh lovely Sonia, my eyes are laughing trough tears. Thanks for your cheerful post and thanks for being an awesome colleague! Luckily, I can spend another month of taking over your shift and push you into a sleepy day while you hug me into an energizing one! Sweet hug (and those pants…wtf…I don’t wanna offend anyone but I think in stead of 50 people on a boat it might be just one with this size…ahum)

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